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PA residents, small business  & tavern owners, volunteer fire companies and veterans clubs continue to eagerly anticipate the passage of VGT legislation, or even any sort of update about the state budget crisis.

VGT's would likely generate $500M in recurring revenue for the state of Pennsylvania, not to mention generating new revenue for small business/tavern owners who have been decimated by Act 39. House Bill 271 also includes verbiage promising $2.5M for new equipment and aid to volunteer fire companies in our state. These and other benefits should seeminly make VGT's a "can't miss" for PA legislators however, some PA Politicians would rather see TAX INCREASES & increases in your UTILITY BILLS! The question comes down to which we would prefer? Tax increases and a hike in utility costs? Or allowing adults to have fun and play games?

Call your Senator today. Tell them you stand for PA Main Street and you supoprt House Bill 271 with VGT's as a state budget solution. Together we can get this across the finish line!


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