Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent questions we are asked are answered below. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Getting Started

Video Lottery Terminals are like low-stakes slot machines. They have entertaining video slot themes and are in cabinets similar to slot machines.
Under pending legislation, bars and taverns can each have up to five.
The establishment hosts the machines, and serves the players. Commonwealth Missouri provides the machines, cash to pay players, and manages your licenses and paperwork.
VLT is taxed by the state and regulated by the Missouri Missouri Lottery Commission.

Commonwealth will guide you through the entire process – leave the difficult parts to us. Your establishment gets a license from the Missouri Missouri Lottery Commission. We will do the hard work required to get you this license.
We pay for the machines, the redemption terminal, and the cash to pay players.
We pay your share weekly and take care of the state's portion of the VLT revenue.
You continue to provide great customer service to your players.

About us

Commonwealth Missouri is a highly experienced and well-funded national VLT operator with a proven history of making our customers more profits.
Our experienced team built some of the largest gaming routes in Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma and we plan to replicate and exceed that level of success in Missouri. We have an impeccable record of regulatory compliance.
The average Illinois establishment made $6,358 (in December 2017) in extra income. Customers of the company formed by Rob Miller did better, often earning between $15,000- $20,000 per month or more!
Our expert team has built some of the most profitable Video Lottery routes in Illinois, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. We can use that experience to help you make more money!

We can make you more money! The average Illinois VLT operator makes $4,300 per month on VLT. Many of our customers, following our advice, made two or three times that much! We handle the entire process for you. We will prepare and submit your license application. We help you set up a profitable VLT area in your establishment. We pay you weekly. We respond quickly. All service calls get a response in 10 minutes.
It's important to choose wisely. You'll be with your operator for at least five years, so you need an expert who can maximize your profits.
We have the capital to deliver on our promises. VLT's are expensive. We'll have almost $150,000 invested in your establishment, and thousands more in supporting you long term. We know what games will make the most profit in your location. We know how to set them up to please your players. You need an expert to make VLT's a success in your establishment. You'll have access to your VLT numbers on our web site – no waiting to find out how much you're making.
We'll help you design and build a high earning gaming area that will keep create a player-friendly and highly profitable VLT environment. We know how to market to VLT players to keep them coming back. Our experts will show you how.

Staying informed

Sign a contract with Commonwealth Missouri. We'll make sure you get priority installation of VLT's as soon as you receive your license.
Register for the Commonwealth Missouri newsletter on our Contact Page to receive breaking news and information about VLT locations.

Log on to our Contact Us Tab or call and we'll keep you posted on the latest VLT news.

How does it work?

NO! Commonwealth Missouri takes care of everything. We provide the prizes. We install and fill redemption machines in your place so you and your employees can concentrate on customer service. All you do is provide the space electricity, and customer service!

Yes! Please register on this website and we will send you regular updates, requirements for licensees, and notification of the latest developments.

Weekly. We pay your share weekly via wire transfer directly to your bank account.

Maximizing profits

We can help you earn more. We can help you design a high-earning gaming area, market to your customers with direct mail, email, and database marketing, and train you how to serve your gaming customers. We provide the best games and 24/7 service to keep you running.

The average Illinois establishment made $6,358 in December 2017 in extra income from their VLT's this year. Our customers did better, often earning between $15,000 – $20,000 per month or more!

The Machines

You should budget at least 25 square feet per machine to give your customers a comfortable playing environment. A good VLT area is 300-400 square feet.

We do it all! We set up your gaming area, connect the machines to the state's central system, and service your machines around the clock. We worry about the machines and the prizes so you can focus on your customers.
Commonwealth experts will help you design a space tailored to your establishment's available space that will boost your player participation and profits!

Machines accept all US currency and pay out in tickets. The tickets can be re-inserted back in the machine for more play, or redeemed for cash at a stand-alone redemption terminal we install in your location.

Yes. The machines owner is “additionally insured” under your business policy. We also carry insurance on the machines and our company.

Yes, but the requirements will be established by the state once the regulations are set. No need to do anything different.

Operators and Service

If you choose the right operator with a track record of strict compliance and strong finances, you don't have to worry. Choosing an operator with a history of regulatory problems in other jurisdictions can cost you money.

Commonwealth Missouri can move fast! Once your location is approved, we'll install machines right away. Approval requires the state to license your location, so that can take time. We can help you prepare your application materials to reduce the time you spend waiting.

Must be 21. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available.

Call 1-800-GAMBLER


Customer Compliance Division

What we do:

  • Handle all paperwork for Gaming Board or Lotto Commission.
  • Assist with permitting issues and applications processes.
  • Keep your Establishment in full compliance.
  • Assist with training.